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Blue Angel – Homecoming
Released: August 7, 2013

It is never made clear how long the lovers of Andrej Lupin’s “Home Coming” have been separated. But knowing the specifics isn’t at all necessary — when Blue Angel arrives unexpectedly to visit Thomas Lee the look on the Hungarian beauty’s face tells you all you need to know. This is quite obviously a joyous reunion, and as the couple fly into one another’s arms the emotional impact of the scene is subtly underscored and enhanced by artfully executed slow motion cinematography. What is perhaps most notable about “Home Coming” is that this surprise reunion doesn’t simply flare up and burn down, the heat is sustained and drawn out — while numerous erotic and orgasmic highs are captured along the way, there’s never a lull or a let-up in the energy, emotion, or intensity. Both performers have appeared in several SexArt productions before — Blue Angel has starred in 5 pictorials and a film prior to this one, and Mr. Lee has headlined 8 movies — but there is nothing synthetic or “staged” about their on-camera interaction. That may be the ultimate tribute to this pair’s professionalism — they make their lovemaking in “Home Coming” look completely natural and spontaneous.