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Bella Blond & Eva Berger – What Happens When – Episode 4
Released: March 22, 2015

If Andrej Lupin ever invites you to a party there are only two things you need to remember: mark your calendar and don’t be late! The party the Czech director started with his “What Happens When” series is still in full swing for Episode 4, and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. After an argument with Nick Wolanski, Bella Blond begins to dance with Eva Berger — it only takes a few moments before the two women make a hasty exit in search of a more private setting. The door of a nearby apartment has barely closed before the twosome tear into each other feverishly. After kissing and pawing each other in the entry way they find a couch and pull out all the stops. Eva Berger — who has already scorched her way through two encounters in the series so far — absolutely devours Blond. She Frenches her insistently, squeezes her full breasts and sucks her stiff nipples hungrily, and then eats her pussy with ravenous abandon. Blond, an eager recipient, is soon moaning with delight and humping her smooth cunt against Berger’s hungry mouth. Temporarily satisfied, Bella goes to work on Eva, stroking and sucking on Berger’s juicing slit until she spasms in rhythm to the waves of ecstasy overtaking her. Berger still has an appetite, however, and she satisfies it by eating Bella to a final, powerful come. Two stunning performers and pulse-pounding lesbian action make “What Happens When – Episode 4” an erotic event well worth celebrating!