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Bailey Ryder – Workout
Released: April 9, 2014

For her third appearance in a Sexart HD erotic feature, raven-haired Bailey Ryder is cast as the receptionist at an exclusive private gym. When there are no customers around she passes the time by watching online erotica on her laptop which leaves her in a state of constant elevated arousal. When a male client arrives at the facility and proceeds through his resistance training routine Ryder’s desires boil over. She takes a position just outside the weight room and while she listens to the clanking of the iron plates and the heavy breathing of focused exertion she begins to masturbate. Captured on the gym’s surveillance cam we watch as Bailey strokes and caresses the crotch of her white denim short-shorts. But her hunger quickly escalates and, risking discovery and embarrassment, if not the loss of her job, she throws caution to the wind. She exposes her stiff-nippled breasts, slides a hand into her panties, and proceeds to satisfy herself. While sneaking glimpses and glances at the unsuspecting customer Ryder winds up with her pants and panties around her ankles while she does her best to bring herself to orgasm without revealing her illicit autoerotic actions. With its subtle themes of voyeurism, exhibitionism, hidden desires, and missed opportunities, “Workout” will elevate the viewer’s pulse as well as his or her libido.