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Ariel Rebel – Girls Love Sex – Threesome
Released: February 11, 2015

When Ariel Rebel made her first appearance at Sexart, in Episode 2 of Alis Locanta’s “Incandescence” series, she was an instant hit. And this was with a role that involved not a single spoken word! Ariel made up for her largely mute debut by becoming an avid contributor to the comments section, and she’s sparked a lively and ongoing dialog with her many fans. And those fans can expect a genuine treat when they screen Ariel’s newest starring vehicle, “Girls Love Sex – Threesome,” because the biographical/confessional format of the series allows the beguiling star to speak at considerable length. In a floral print blouse and a pair of jeans, Ariel is seated on a kitchen counter as she responds to questions from an off-camera interviewer. As if she’s aware of the limited time available, she speaks clearly and quickly, with a charming hint of her French Canadian origin in her accent. After sharing details of her personal life, hobbies, interests, and her entry into the world of erotic modeling, she starts to recount a particularly memorable event in her sexual history, the “Threesome” that gives the film its subtitle. And as she shares the details of the tipsy and torrid tryst she had with her then boyfriend and another guy she picked up at a party, she becomes more and more aroused. Rebel isn’t the least bit shy, and the events of that night are described in considerable detail. The memories stirred up by the interview leave Rebel with little choice but succumb to her urges. So she stops talking and takes the time to enjoy an autoerotic interlude that, ultimately, finds her spread wide on the kitchen floor, stroking her clit and fingering herself to a sizzling and satisfying finish. “Girls Love Sex – Threesome” is an absolute must-see for Ariel Rebel’s many admirers — and for anyone who appreciates sincerity, beauty, and uninhibited female sexuality.