Ariel Piper Fawn & Monika A – Pulse
Released: April 2, 2013

Andrej Lupin’s “Pulse” marks Ariel Piper Fawn’s forth appearance at SexArt. She’s also a prolific and popular model at MetArt, where she’s appeared in dozens of galleries. But no matter the venue or the medium, Ariel never fails to make a powerful impression. In “Pulse,” teamed with busty blonde beauty Monika A, the crimson-haired heartbreaker heats up the screen like never before. As the soundtrack thumps propulsively, “Pulse” begins with a stylish view of a fashion show in progress. Two stunning models strut the catwalk and work the audience with skilled and knowing professionalism. But a rivalry is brewing. Push comes to shove and tempers flare. Backstage an argument escalates and the conflict threatens to boil over. But instead of throwing a punch Ariel unexpectedly plants a kiss, and what might have become a catfight becomes something just as physical, but far more pleasurable. As fevers build, fingers and mouths are replaced by a powerful vibrator which Ariel and Monika utilize in numerous eye-opening and orgasm-inducing ways. With its stunning beauty, sizzling Sapphic sexuality, high fashion, high art, and high style, “Pulse” is high octane erotica.