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Anita Bellini – Temptation
Released: October 9, 2013

Those looking for an elaborate narrative, drama, or theatrics won’t find them in this stunningly understated SexArt cinema offering. Instead, Andrej Lupin’s “Temptation” relies on purity, simplicity, and natural beauty to create an evocative and enjoyable erotic interlude. The two stars are completely nude from beginning to end, not a single word is spoken, and they never leave the white-sheeted bed on which they first appear. She is Anita Bellini, making only her second appearance at SexArt —her first with a male partner. He is Mark I, a newcomer to the site. Surrounded with lush greenery and lighted, softly, from above, the setting is invitingly idyllic, even Edenic, by one obvious interpretation of the title. Two lovers, yielding to the most fundamental of urges, united in desire, conjoined in earthly pleasure, transported by exquisite orgasmic delight. Appealing performers, the inviting and evocative setting, and the unembellished beauty of the orgasm combine to make “Temptation” completely irresistible.