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Angella Christin & Vanessa Staylon – Sunset On Charles Bridge
Released: April 24, 2015

Andrej Lupin’s nuanced and understated exploration of lesbian love, “Sunset On Charles Bridge,” flows at an unhurried tempo mirrored by the slow flowing waters of the Vitava River that the old stone bridge spans in the director’s home city, Prague. Blonde Vanessa Staylon and girlfriend Angella Christin walk among the tourists and sightseers on the picturesque and historic bridge. On impulse, they decide to sit for a portrait artist who renders a stylized caricature of the tempting couple. At home they take a few minutes to study the drawing, and then Angella begins to make subtle romantic overtures. Staylon is more than receptive, and they kiss lovingly and with building passion as clothes begin to come off and they move onto the adjacent bed. The lovemaking that ensues is natural, spontaneous, and leisurely, free of histrionics but filled with genuine emotion. Angella kisses and licks Vanessa at length, then uses two probing fingers and an agile thumb to simultaneously pump and stroke her partner to a delightfully extended orgasm. Getting her girlfriend off has Christin primed and ready for a climax of her own, and she lifts her hips off the mattress in order to feed her fevered pussy to Vanessa’s hungry mouth. After steady and creative application of tongue, lips, and fingers, Staylon delivers Christin to ecstasy and the erotic interlude comes to an end, at least temporarily. It’s worth noting that this is the first appearance in a Sexart feature for both of these talented and appealing performers, and “Sunset On Charles Bridge” is an extremely enjoyable introductory showcase that will leave viewers eager for more.