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Alyssa Reece – Haute Couture – Yellow
Released: July 9, 2014

Fans of Alis Locanta’s fashion-centric “Haute Couture” series receive another welcome helping of high style cinema and high intensity female autoeroticism in the third and penultimate installment, “Haute Couture – Yellow.” Here Canadian cupcake Alyssa Reece is the model of the moment and the film follows the pattern established in earlier episodes: we see her on the streets of Barcelona, arriving at the photo studio, she provides some candid background detail during an informal chat, then she gets into make-up and wardrobe for a formal fashion photo shoot. And, once the preliminaries have been expertly dispensed with, Alyssa appears in yellow lingerie and treats the viewer to a passionate and powerful session of self-induced sexual pleasure. While “Haute Couture” follows a strict format, each performer featured brings her unique style and flavor to the production and Reece displays a smoky, sultry intensity that is all her own. Her state of arousal is already high even before the action begins, a fact confirmed by two plump nipples that are tantalizingly erect from the moment her bra comes off until the film’s climax. And every moment on the way to that final climax is rich with smoldering eroticism. Alyssa, her eyes closed for much of the session, gets lost in the pleasure her fingers provide. When standing becomes too difficult she takes a seat on a (now familiar) sofa and vigorously finger-fucks herself to a final, nearly overwhelming orgasm, before collapsing into blissful, breathless afterglow. Thanks, in large measure, to the heated performance of Alyssa Reece, “Haute Couture – Yellow” is red-hot.