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Alyssa Reece & Margot A – Blind Date
Released: June 20, 2014

Their romance has been growing more and more powerful over time. The lovers — Margot A and Alyssa Reece — met online and, until this day, that is where they have learned about each other, shared secrets, flirted, teased, and become more and more powerfully drawn to one another. During a final exchange of text messages, they arrange to meet for a “Blind Date.” Emotions run high when they’re united, face to face, for the first time. And sparks of erotic attraction immediately fly. They hurry off to a private place, pausing briefly in a stairwell to kiss with pent-up passion. Once they’re inside Margot’s flat that passion takes over. Although this is their first time together they know each other so well that there isn’t a moment of hesitation, not a single tentative move. Soon Alyssa is between Margot’s spread legs licking her clit and teasing and tasting her pussy. The addition of two probing fingers proves overpowering and soon Margot is moaning and writhing in orgasm. Before her feelings of ecstasy can subside Margo dives, face-first, on Alyssa’s sex, licking, groping, and fingering her to a long-sought climax. As the twosome kiss and cuddle in their shared afterglow there’s no doubt that this “Blind Date” has been a satisfying success, with many dates sure to come in the future.