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Alyssa Reece, Mango A & Margot A – Haute Couture – Black and White
Released: July 18, 2014

For the fourth and final installment of his highly regarded/high style “Haute Couture” single-girl masturbation series, Alis Locanta opens up and expands his established format. A studio fashion shoot still provides the basic framework, and we still see and hear bits of pre-session preparation and conversation, but gone is the single-girl structure — here the three stars of previous installments come together, both literally and sexually. The mood in the studio is simultaneously relaxed and excited. These three models — Mango A, Alyssa Reece, and Margot A — are all well acquainted with the director, the “Haute Couture” concept, and with one another. And, as they strut onto the set in matching gray lingerie, the sense of enjoyment and anticipation is palpable. As one might reasonably expect, the three-girl fashion shoot quickly takes a turn for the erotic. Mango A is the first focus of attention as Alyssa Reece kneels before the standing beauty and eats and fingers her pussy while Margot looks on. A black sofa is added to the next segment, in which Mango and Margo sit on either side of Alyssa, fingering, stroking and frigging her spread pussy to a dramatic and extended orgasm. The black sofa is then replaced by a credenza that supports leggy Margot A while her two partners suck, link, and finger her to climax. And the white sofa featured in all three previous episodes returns in the fiery final sequence. Her Reece reclines with Mango’s face between her legs and Mango, on all fours, is penetrated and pumped to the final orgasm of the outing by the strap-on wearing Margot A. “Haute Couture — Black & White” ends the series with a beautiful bang.