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Alissia Loop & Charlotta Phillip – I Missed You
Released: August 28, 2013

The title of Andrej Lupin’s “I Missed You” is a simple declaration of emotion and longing, and those three little words are lost in a frenzy of activity as the film explodes across the screen. Within seconds of its start it’s quite obvious that these two lovers — dark-haired Alissia Loop and blonde Charlotta Phillip (both making their SexArt debuts) — missed each other very, very much! Reunited after a separation of unspecified length the twosome waste no time on formalities — licking, kissing, groping, disrobing, it all takes place almost instantaneously and simultaneously. And once they’re both gloriously nude there’s a palpable sense of fever and pent-up desire relentlessly seeking release. This isn’t gentle, delicate, impressionistic lesbian lovemaking — this is ravenous sexual desire that can barely be controlled. Tongues slither and slurp, fingers slide, frig, and pump insistently in and out of receptive, glistening slits. Hearts pound, chests heave, nipples stiffen, clits throb, and flesh quivers with orgasmic pleasure. Lovers of lusty and lovely lesbians will not want to miss “I Missed You.”