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Alexis Crystal, Carla Cox, Isabella Chrystin, Lena Love & Silvie Deluxe – The Game IV – Night Watch
Released: October 27, 2013

War is hell. It’s a timeless quote, an enduring truth, and a fact of life. And war isn’t simply hell because of the drama, trauma, death, and destruction it entails. The grinding tedium of deployment, living on the edge, never knowing what comes next, all these aspects of warfare contribute to its hellish nature. And so, in “The Game IV — Night Watch” we shift from the edgy menace of the previous episode to a more mundane, far more mellow setting. It is the end of a long day. Soldiers are drifting off to sleep around a roaring campfire in the solitude and isolation of their deep forest wilderness bivouac. Blonde Carla Cox and brunette Alexis Crystal discuss their mutual concern for their captive (Thomas Lee). Out of this shared concern comes tenderness, that tenderness leads to affection, and that affection quickly turns to amorous attraction. Surrounded by their slumbering, oblivious comrades, Cox proceeds to make vigorous love to Crystal with her hungry mouth and probing fingers. After an explosive climax, Alexis treats Carla to an orgasm of her own, and their moans and sighs of exquisite passion fill the night air as the firelight dances on their beautiful naked bodies. Episode IV of Andrej Lupin’s “The Game” series, “Night Watch,” is extremely watchable.