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Alexis Crystal & Alissia Loop – The Game – The Target
Released: October 6, 2013

“The Game — The Target” is the first episode in a new series from Andrej Lupin, a SexArt director who is both creative and prolific. Lupin is no stranger to the serial form, and his ensemble/episodic “Snow Fun” offers ample proof. But with “The Game” the director steps into entirely different terrain. The difference is dramatic and is apparent from the moment the first episode begins: soldiers, snipers, helicopters, warfare — all the ingredients of a mainstream action/adventure film. Once the action-packed introduction concludes, we return to more typical SexArt territory. It’s early in the morning. Silvie Deluxe gently rouses her bedmate, Thomas Lee, with kisses and caresses. Awakened from his peaceful slumber, Lee quickly rises to the task, and a leisurely session of morning-sex begins to unfold. This is most certainly passionate lovemaking, but it’s also relaxed, easy, the sort of sex only an established couple can have. They are familiar with one another, there is no hesitation, no words need be spoken. And by the time they’re finished they’re both completely and blissfully satisfied. But “The Game — The Target” is only the first installment of a series. There is adventure and intrigue in the works — and so “The Game” begins. Don’t miss out on the beginning of this truly surprising series!