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Alexis Brill & Nataly Von – eMemories
Released: November 20, 2013

Inspired by the photos and videos on a smartphone, Alis Locanta’s “eMemories” is a sweet lesbian love story tinged with nostalgia and executed with equal portions of sensitivity and style. When we first meet the stars — Alexis Brill and Nataly Von — they’re casually dressed and clowning and cavorting at the seaside. The mood is happy, carefree, loving, and playful. After a transition to the present, the lovers are now coiffed and stylishly dressed. The setting is a sleek, cool interior, a solo piano provides a subtly haunting soundtrack. And then the lovemaking begins. The mood and style here is restrained, the pace measured, leisurely. Nobody — not the storyteller and not the lovers — is in a rush in “eMemories.” The action flows slowly, lovingly, a kiss, a caress, a meaningful glance, a gentle smile. Brill and Von make a fine pair, both visually and temperamentally. The two brunettes have similarly delicate features, and both have slender, lithe, elegant bodies, and beautiful, expressive faces. And the love and affection they share — emotionally and sexually — is artfully captured by a director with a keen eye and a light, masterful touch. “eMemories” may employ nostalgia as a theme, but its erotic beauty and explicit pleasures are best enjoyed right here, right now.