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Alexis Brill & Lorena B – The Writer – Age of Innocence
Released: September 8, 2013

The dreaded condition known as “writer’s block” has been experienced, to one degree or another, by authors of all types since the advent of the written word. Prose stylist Lorena B, as “The Writer,” has a unique and effective way of dealing with a temporary lack of ideas or inspiration — she journeys into her creative subconscious while fantasizing during masturbation and fresh and intriguing ideas flow fast and freely. But what is real? And what is fantasy? What is truth and what is fiction? Those questions add a bit of intriguing uncertainty to the story that unfolds in this first installment of Alis Locanta’s “The Writer.” The story Lorena is working on begins with the arrival of seemingly naïve Alexis Brill, the younger sister of an old friend. After considering various approaches to her narrative, Lorena proceeds to craft a tale of seduction and blossoming Sapphic sexuality. The reality of this fantasy is breathtaking, and the interplay of the worldly and experienced writer with her young and “innocent” visitor unfolds gracefully and then steadily increases in erotic intensity until it reaches its conclusion. Enter the world of “The Writer” and experience the beauty and heat of female fantasies unleashed.