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Alexis Brill & Lorena B – The Writer II – The Dark Side
Released: September 15, 2013

Subtitled “The Dark Side,” the second half of Alis Locanta’s “The Writer,” explores the further adventures of the erotic prose stylist played by Lorena B. As the subtitle implies, there’s a dark, ominous undertone throughout much of this film that provides a fine contrast to the previous release’s generally sunny, light-hearted flavor. Lorena B’s modus operandi hasn’t changed — she still plumbs the depths of her sexual imagination to create the stories she writes. But the character she has created — played to perfection by Alexis Brill — has evolved, developed, and changed. The young, innocent girl we met in “The Writer” has become a much more worldly, knowing, and self-interested individual in “The Writer II.” The relationship shared by these two exquisitely beautiful women has changed, as well, as most relationships do. One thing that has remained the same, however, is their intense, passionate, sexual attraction. As “The Writer II” works towards its bittersweet conclusion the shared desire is overwhelming and the lust unrestrained. An intriguing story artfully told and beautifully performed, “The Writer II,” like a great novel, is an experience to be lingered over, savored, and that invites (and rewards) repeated viewings.