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Agatha – About A Girl
Released: September 22, 2013

A woman sits, alone, in her home. Her attention wanders. Ideas take shape in her mind as her body begins to tingle. Hands start to roam, fingers to explore, clothes are cast aside, and soon she looses her self, swept away on a rising tide of autoerotic ecstasy. It is a scene that plays out every hour of every day, all around the world. To take this commonplace occurrence and elevate it to the stature of art and then present it in such a way that this completely individual experience becomes something an audience of far-removed strangers can become entirely invested in takes more than skill, more than technique. It takes insight, empathy, an eye for detail, and emotional as well as intellectual intelligence. And, above all, creating such a profoundly intimate and personal experience on screen takes a gifted performer. In “About a Girl,” Agatha, making her her debut SexArt appearance, proves without doubt in that she is an extremely gifted performer. And director Alis Locanta guides her through a performance that is both exquisitely beautiful and breathtakingly genuine. The beauty of female masturbation and self-induced orgasm? Find it in: “About a Girl.”