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Agatha & Tracy Lindsay – Love For Sale – Harder – Chapter 1
Released: November 9, 2014

Alis Locanta’s new four-part series “Love for Sale” is a bold and ambitious work of erotic cinema from an filmmaker with an already well established reputation for his bold and ambitious artistic vision. The first chapter, subtitled “Harder,” takes the viewer on a journey from the far flung depths of the universe and into the heart and soul of the film’s star, Tracy Lindsay, as she begins to experiment, explore, and expand the limits of her sexual dreams and desires. As the title suggests, “Love for Sale” is about prostitution, more specifically the life of a high-priced escort. But it’s also the story of one woman’s search for fulfillment, connection, and meaning in a world that can be repressive, limiting, and alienating, but which also offers the potential for revelation, liberation, and boundless sensual and cerebral pleasure. Lindsay’s costar in “Love for Sale Chapter 1 – Harder” is high style Sexart sensation Agatha, and the casting — and resulting performance — is nothing less than inspired. Their scene together, in sleek and anonymous confines of a by-the-hour hotel, is imbued with a powerful undercurrent of volatile sexual tension as the two women — vendor and customer — transcend the cash transaction and succumb to their powerful mutual desire, ravenous hunger, and overwhelming attraction.