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It’s Okay She’s My Stepdaughter


Cast: Sindee Jennings, Kaci Starr, Crissy Moon

Just don’t tell your mother!

Kaci Starr – Helping her with her homework…

Amy Starz – Her doctor’s appointment…

Shelby & Sindee – My cheerleader and her friend!

Crissy – Being a very naughty girl!

She`s not my daughter… She`s my stepdaughter, so it`s ok to f*ck her brains out. She`s just a little slut who`s been asking for it, so I`m happy to give it to her. Man, is she hot!

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Mischa Brooks – Pornstar Collection

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Mischa Brooks Mega Collection
64 Videos | 68.21 GB

Mischa Brooks didn’t need to try hard to make a name for herself in porno. She could have let her gorgeous face, amazing natural tits, and smooth round ass do all the work for her. However, Mischa Brooks doesn’t settle for less than the best, and the way this girl puts her body through the hardcore fuck ringer proves that hard work pays off in more ways than one. For example, any girl can learn to slowly put bigger and bigger cocks in their mouths, but Mischa is a master of her own gag reflex, enabling her to sword swallow unbelievable length and girth. Any girl can handle three to four fuck positions per scene, but Mischa’s acrobatic shlong-riding versatility would leave most bitches dizzy and falling off their boy-joy sticks. Most girls can bend over and relax their buttholes enough for some backdoor poking around, but when Mischa takes an anal pounding, she slams that awesome booty so hard on those bone drones that, when she’s done, her gape pulsates like a supernova black hole. Speaking of stars, this Los Angeles native shot up incredibly fast since her early days doing “Moms Pimp Their Daughters 4” and “Too Small To Take It All 4”. According to Mischa’s Twitter account, she plans on retiring from the jizz biz, but according to our archives at Pornhub, this hot and sweaty beauty will continue to live on in our wet dreams and our hard drives for countless meat-beating days to come.

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Abbey Brooks – Pornstar Collection

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Abbey Brooks Mega Collection
108 Videos | 34.78 GB

Blonde? Check. Babe? Check. Busty? Check. Bubbly Butt? Check. Blowjob Queen? Check. Bend Over Beauty? Check. The subject of this overwhelming “B” checklist is none other than Brooks… Abbey Brooks. This super hottie is so damn fine that you could wank off just to a close-up of her wide ‘fuck me’ eyes and kinky smiling pink mouth. Of course, that booming and curving body will guarantee you at least one set of ruined underwear if you’re not fully prepared. Despite being able to rely on her looks and figure alone, Abbey still goes the extra mile by always giving one heavy-hitting performance after another… banging pipes and getting slammed with such heat and intensity that she risks melting the camera lenses every time she’s on set. Abbey had a nice Midwestern upbringing in a Catholic school, and we’re obviously not the first to mention that those Catholic schoolgirl rumors are true. All that strict moral upbringing brewed up one hell of a kinky slut. By the time Abbey was in college, she’d already mastered the art of professor seduction, confessing to a good teacher’s office bang sesh after class. Nowadays, it’s Abbey that can play the hot teacher, or kinky principal, in some of her wicked roleplaying scenes. In close to 150 slutty scenes and filthy films, Abbey has proven herself to be one of the hardest-working and biggest spunk-inducing chicks in the biz.

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Brooklyn Chase – Pornstar Collection

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Brooklyn Chase Mega Collection
70 Videos | 70.90 GB

Brooklyn Chase describes herself as “the girl next door you’ve always wanted.” What is it about girls who live next door, anyway? Is it the easy access for a quick afternoon fuck? Is it spying through the windows while they change into their nighties so you can have a goodnight wank? Is it that they are supposed to be nice, sweet, and easygoing? Who cares, right? Brooklyn Chase may look like a sweetheart, and we bet she is, but when it comes to dick sucking and pussy stuffing, this nice girl can get downright mean and filthy if she doesn’t get what she wants. Brooklyn Chase is the super whore of everyone’s dreams. She’s got those bra-busting boobs that will slap you to attention when she swings those pups in your face. If you don’t shut up, she can silence you with a mouthful of fat tit that you’ll be suckling like a baby pig. And if you need to shut her up, just bring a big dick into the vicinity and Brooklyn will leap at the chance to plug up her mouth hole with schlong. This girl has a particular taste for midnight black dick that can push out the back of her neck. When she rides those big cocks, she really knows how to open up her whole slut figure to absorb every dripping inch of fuck meat. She’s only been in the game a few years but has racked up tons of titles so far and won’t slow down any time soon.

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I Came Inside My Stepdaughter

Cast: Kat Dior, Elsa Jean, Bobbi Dylan

Who’s your daddy? This kinky step-dad just can’t resist the sweet temptation of his hotter than hot step-daughter with a body to die for. She’s always around, teasing him with her tight body and incredible looks, but he didn’t know until now that she was also horny for him! So now it’s just a matter of time before they make their forbidden hardcore fantasies cum true, and it’s all captured by Diabolic in “I Came Inside My Step Daughter!”

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Mommy’s Girl – Angela Sommers & Kristen Scott


Angela Sommers & Kristen Scott – My BFF’s Mom
Released: November 14, 2016

Angela Sommers is sad that her beloved stepdaughter Elle is going college. But Elle confides to her best friend Kristen Scott that she can’t leave fast enough, not since their last therapy session, when she had lesbian sex her own stepmother. When Kristen meets the infamous Angela while Elle is running errands, she offers to step in while Elle is away, in case Angela needs any help. What starts off innocent enough turns into an uncomfortable situation for Angela. Kristen seems to be hitting on the lesbian MILF. She knows Angela fucked Elle, and she wants to call her Mommy. This is so wrong, but Angela can’t resist the college age pussy, even though Elle could walk in on them at any moment. Kristen flaunts her little tits that look like Elle’s, rendering Angela powerless against the teen seductrice. As Kristen slowly removes their layers of clothing, parting Angela’s legs, and moving deeper into the crevices of her body, Angela is tortured with pleasure, and riddled with guilt for wanting it. When Kristen puts her wet mouth on Angela’s pulsating vagina, their carnal lust quickly descends into a frenzy of tribbing as the lesbians grind their wet pussies together, getting off with explosive orgasms! But will they get off scot free?

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Mommy’s Girl – Mindi Mink & Bobbi Dylan

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Mindi Mink & Bobbi Dylan – The Groupies
Released: October 22, 2016

When teen groupie Bobbi Dylan gets the chance to meet her favorite boy band, cool stepmom Mindi Mink has a surefire plan to get Bobbi noticed, and maybe even get her a spot in a music video! She’s going to help her stepdaughter shoot a video that will definitely get the band’s attention. The teen changes into revealing clothes and high heels, but Mindi prods her to be racier, and she pulls on her pierced nipples to make them poke out of her top. Mindy encourages Bobbi to take her pants off, and records sexy video of the teen’s pantiless privates. Bobbi is worried about who else will see this, but Mindi quiets her uncertainty, ‘You want to be in a music video don’t you? Trust me, I’m your mother.’ Mindi gets in the shot too, so they can show off two beautiful girls. She talks her stepdaughter into a lascivious French kiss for the camera. She records a close up of Bobbi’s pussy lips, plumping them with her fingers and making them glisten with her spit. Bobbi lets Mindi lick her out till she cums, while she catches it all on camera.

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Mommy’s Girl – Allie Haze & Mercedes Carrera

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Allie Haze & Mercedes Carrera – Ex Mom Movement: Part Two
Released: February 6, 2016

On the brink of a major breakdown, Mercedes Carrera seeks help from conversion therapist Allie Haze. After a thorough history of Mercedes filthy fetishes and lesbian attraction for all her past stepdaughter’s, Allie suggests that a little role play could shed some light on Mercedes mental predicament. Allie pretends to be one of Mercedes stepdaughters, as she roots inside the core of her psyche, bringing out the worst of Mercedes’ obsession with her lesbianism. Mercedes is on her knees crying, convinced that she cannot control her sexual urges for tight young pussy. Allie comforts her client, assuring her that this breakthrough is just another step away from being healed. Mercedes has learned she is a sexual monster that preys on young, fleshy daughters. Allie uses her therapy skills to open Mercedes mind, making her realize that she isn’t a sick monster after all, just a woman hiding in the shadows from her own sapphic desires. Mercedes finally has an epiphany, and realizes that she was never attracted to men, all her confusion finally lifts away, and she comes to her sense. She is a full blown lesbian. But Allie wants to try one last treatment, one she likes to call ‘sapphic conversion therapy’, a role playing game aiming to test Mercedes’ sexual urges and to confirm Allie’s theory. Mercedes stands up showing off her huge ass with Allie in front of her on her knees and spreads her lesbian patient’s shaved pussy. Allie strokes and teases Mercedes’ clit, pushing two of her fingers deep inside her hole. Mercedes begs that Allie not to stop until she cums. Mercedes sits on top of Allie, tribbing away with built up lesbian fury, finally unashamed of her natural desires. Hungry to taste Allie’s pussy, Mercedes spreads her pink pussy wide open, gratifying Allie with her mouth and tongue. It took a lot of effort but Allie thinks Mercedes is finally at peace, realizing who she is and what her heart desires! Women!

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Mommy’s Girl – Riley Reid & Mercedes Carrera

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Riley Reid & Mercedes Carrera – Pass The Mom: Part Two
Released: January 2, 2016

Last time on Mommy’s Girl, Riley Reid and sister Goldie came up with the perfect plot to have their new stepmother Mercedes Carrera at their beck and call. Knowing their new mother has something she’s hiding, sisters Riley and Goldie did some research online, discovering Mercedes dark past of a lesbian incident with her previous stepdaughters. Goldie lures her new mother into her room this time, seducing the gullible milf to repeat the mistakes she swore she would never make again. Mercedes hides in the bathroom, going over what in the hell just happened. If her husband found out she had sex with his daughter, this would mean another marriage down the drain. Riley walks into the bathroom disrupting her thoughts, making sure her mommy is OK. Mercedes assures her that all is well and to get ready for class. But Riley’s thoughts aren’t about school, she is ready for a lesson only her mommy can teach! Riley admits she knows about her mom’s history and the lesbian escapade that transpired with Goldie and it is Riley’s turn to get that lesbian relief! Mercedes complies with her daughter’s wishes, giving in to pleasing Riley’s nubile pussy. Riley spreads her legs, ready for her mother’s warm soothing mouth. Riley’s pussy juice flows down Mercedes chin, as she craves to know what it tastes like. Mercedes places her hand over Riley’s pussy lips, stroking her clitoris and inducing Riley’s rapturous orgasm. Riley’s promises to be a good girl and not tell her father in exchange for a chance to eat her new mother’s sweet pussy. Mercedes has no choice but to allow her daughter this request, so she spreads her legs exposing her shaved pussy for Riley to indulge promising Riley she will ejaculate all over her face. Riley wants more than just her mother’s cum over her face, she asks Mercedes to pick her off the floor while she fingers her from behind. What has Mercedes gotten herself into?

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Mommy’sGirl – Ava Addams & Abella Danger

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Ava Addams & Abella Danger – Secret Sleepover
Released: November 16, 2015

Abella Danger enters the bedroom where her stepmother is sleeping quietly at night. She gently caresses Ava Addams inner thighs as she sleeps. Ava wakes up startled, wondering what her stepdaughter is doing in her room so late. Abella admits she is scared to sleep alone while dad is gone and she is just seeking security. Ava reassures Abella that they are perfectly safe, no one is going to break in, and no one is going to take her away from Ava. But she pleads with Ava until she finally gives in. As Ava spoons with her stepdaughter, She becomes uncomfortable that Abella needs to be cuddled at her age and lets her know. Besides, Abella’s papa wouldn’t condone such a thing. Abella wants to know why he wouldn’t be okay with it, and Ava spills. She explains that she didn’t have such a great past with any of her previous teens. Ava tells her how she couldn’t resist the lesbian temptation of her nubile teens which ultimately ended up ruining her previous marriages. Abella is intrigued by her stepmother and her lesbian stories, soon she feels some tingling sensations under her teen panties and asks herself is she might be a lesbian too. Ava can’t control her sexual thirst and makes Abella promise that daddy won’t know a thing! Plunging right into her stepdaughter’s arms, Ava welcomes Abella to grab hold of her voluptuous massive breasts. She asks Ava to share stories about her other husband’s teens and describe the things Ava used to do to them sexually. Placing her hands down her underwear, Abella plays with her pussy and breasts making her hornier as Ava shares her lesbian experiences. Ava takes over with Abella’s pussy, stroking her labia vigorously with her soft hands, coaxing an intoxicating orgasm from her horny core. Abella wants to taste her stepmother’s pussy, and places her mouth deep inside her stepmom’s legs, stroking her lips back in forth, encouraging Ava to cum all over her stepdaughter’s hungry face. Do you think Abella lives up to mommy’s expectations?

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Bangbros Clips – Stephani Moretti & Jazmyn

Naughty Blog Cover

Stephani Moretti & Jazmyn – Horny Stepmom shares stepdaughter’s boyfriend.
Released: February 27, 2014

Sebastian and Stephani are hanging out watching television on the couch. In comes Stephani’s room-mate, Jazmyn. Just returning from the gym looking sexy as ever. She was in a rush and needed help with boxes. Sebastian lends a helping hand with the boxes to the room, only to find a sexy Latin Goddess naked starring at her natural big tits in the mirror. Embarrassed and horny, Sebastian returned to his girl, ready to fuck. There’s one thing. Jazmyn wanted to join in on the fun. There’s no way he was going to turn this opportunity down. Now that sound like a grand time. Fucking each of them until he busted a good load on their face. Enjoy!

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It’s Okay She’s My Stepdaughter # 14

Naughty Blog Cover

Cast: Ashli Orion, Evi Foxx, Keegan Chillz, Delilah Davis, Sami St Claire

You’ve only heard about it but never thought it would happen to you. You’re new Stepdaughter is smoking hot and super horny!! And the best part is she wants you to fuck her! These sweet girls have a Daddy fetish and they can’t get enough of Older cock!! Now Father/ Daughter time has a whole new meaning!!

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It’s Okay She’s My Stepdaughter # 13

Naughty Blog Cover

Cast: Staci Silverstone, Dallas, AJ Applegate, Charli Shiin

Just Don’t Tell Your Mother!
Featuring Staci Silverstone!
When you got together with your wife you were so hot for her. But when you saw her cute, sexy daughter… you fell in love! And luckily your horny little Stepdaughter has a thing for older men! Now that’s one happy, horny family!

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It’s Okay She’s My Stepdaughter # 12


Cast: Vanessa Cage, Lola Foxx, Scarlet Banks, Tiffany Fox

Just Don’t Tell Your Mother! Featuring Vanessa Cage! You’ve both had the desire, you just never acted on it… Until now! These horny young girls love fucking older men… Especially their step dads. They can get their tight, clean pussies pounded any time they want… and they want it all the time!

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It’s Okay! She’s My Stepdaughter # 11


Cast: Giselle Leon, Blake Riley, Molly Bennett, Stevie Shae, Megan Piper

When your stepdaughter is as cute as these girls are, you`d be fucking them too. When she comes over with her hot girlfriend and starts grabbing your crotch… no real man could resist! It`s okay dude, it`s legal… Go for it!!

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