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Tania, Leila & Kari – Cloudy Lappers
Released: March 8, 2015

Kari (brown hair), Leila (red hair) and Tania (blonde) give up on sunbathing due to clouds and decide to have a 3-way lesbian orgy instead. The girls kiss each other deeply while stripping each other out of their bikinis. Kari sucks Tania’s nipples, and then the girls suck Leila’s hard little nipples on her cute little boobies while Tania reaches into Liela’s bathing suit bottoms and masturbates her. Then Kari lies back and Tania starts eating her pussy. While Tania licks and fingers Kari’s pussy, Leila licks and fingers Tania’s pussy too. Then Tania reclines and Leila goes down on her. Finally, Kari goes down on Leila, and then the girls kiss and cuddle.