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Rene & Nessy – Torrid Twosome
Released: November 4, 2014

Nessy (taller girl) and Rene are kissing passionately in the living room. Rene lowers Nessy’s top and exposes her breasts and suckles her nipples. Nessy removes Rene’s top and the girls rub their lovely bare chests together while french kissing. The girls strip down to their panties and go on the couch, where Nessy masturbates Rene while kissing her. Rene then removes Nessy’s panties and lies her back, finger fucking her while kissing her. Nessy then lies back and Rene starts eating her pussy. Rene expertly devours Nessy’s pussy while fingering her, bringing her to orgasm. Rene then sits on Nessy’s face, riding her mouth and tongue until she comes. The girls then lie together and kiss and cuddle.