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Nadea, Jess & Ginie – Tandem Fisting
Released: September 7, 2014

Ginie (dark hair), Jess (blonde), and Nadea (blonde, blue dress) meet in the garden to have a three girl lesbian orgy. Ginie and Nadea kiss deeply as Jess removes Ginie’s top. Nadea fondles Gine’s breasts from behind while Jess sucks her nipples. Then Ginie removes Jess’s shorts and pulls aside her panties and fingers and licks her pussy while Nadea strokes Jess’s swollen, excited clitoris. Nadea cradles Jess in her arms and gropes her breasts while Ginie expertly tongues Jess to orgasm. Ginie and Jess then share a deep kiss. Next it’s Ginie’s turn to be pleasured. She lies back and Nadea inserts fingers into Ginie’s pussy while kissing Jess. Then Jess kiss her and suck her nipples while Nadea eats Ginie out until she comes. Then Nadea lies back and Jess starts going down on her. As she licks Nadea’s pussy, Jess works more and more fingers into Nadea until her whole hand is inside. Jess fist fucks Nadea, moving her hand inside her pussy while stroking her clitoris until she comes. Next it’s Ginie’s turn to fist Nadea. After giving a thank you kiss to Jess, Nadea goes on all fours, and Ginie moves behind her. First Ginie licks Nadea from behind, then she begins inserting fingers one by one until she has fisted her. She works her fist inside Nadea’s pussy using powerful strokes while stroking Nadea’s clit and licking her ass hole. Then Jess begins rapidly stroking Nadea’s clit while Ginie fist fucks Nadea until she has an explosive orgasm. Then the girls kiss and cuddle while reflecting on the orgasms they’ve had.