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Kanya & Alessa – Pleasured Bottoms
Released: July 13, 2014

Kanya (red hair) comes to Alessa and starts fondling her breasts. She entices Alessa to fondle her breasts to, and then the girls start kissing passionately. Then Kanya removes Alessa’s panties and starts eating her pussy. Then she takes off her panties and does a short trib with Alessa. Then Kanya sits on Alessa’s face. Then Kanya takes out a huge double dildo and inserts one end into Alessa’s pussy and fucks her with it before inserting the other end in her own pussy. The girls thrust together using the double dildo until they come. Then Alessa licks Kanya’s ass hole before inserting a vibrator into Kanya’s ass. Then she licks Kanya’s ass some more before giving her a big wet french kiss. Then Kanya takes the huge double didlo they were using before and inserts it way into Alessa’s ass and fucks her in the ass using it. Then Kanya licks Alessa’s ass hole, and then the girls kiss again.