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Judy & Rikki – Satisfied Lovers
Released: August 2, 2013

Rikki (blonde) and Judy are messing around online using Rikki’s phone. The girls get bored with it and start making out. They start kissing and undressing each other and suck each others nipples. Rikki lies naked on her stomach, and Judy masturbates her while licking her ass hole. Then Rikki turns over, and Judy continues by eating her pussy. Judy then inserts two fingers into Rikki’s ass hole, and continues licking Rikki’s pussy until she climaxes. Rikki then removes Judy’s panties and goes down on her. Rikki, licks and sucks Judy’s pussy while finger fucking her until she reaches orgasm. Then the girls do more kissing and cuddling.