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Duna & Walda – Furrious Friend
Released: May 19, 2013

Walda approaches Duna (lighter hair) who is playing a game on her phone. Duna snaps some photos of Walda, and then the girls begin tongue kissin. Then Walda lifts up Duna’s top and sucks her nipples. The girls slowly strip down to their panties and then naked as they continue kissing and fondling each other. Then Walda stars eating Duna’s pussy, and then Walda sits on Duna’s face. pressing her hairy pussy onto Duna’s mouth. Then Duna sits in Walda’s lap, and Walda furiously finger fucks her to orgasm. Then Duna takes out a pink dildo, and she fucks Walda using it. Walda then straddles the dildo and works her pussy up and down on it while Duna kisses her and fondles her breasts and strokes her clitoris, helping to bring Walda to climax. Then the girls kiss some more.