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Duna & Frayda – Ass Extravaganza
Released: September 6, 2013

Frayda (darker hair) and Duna start making out on a small sofa. The girls do some french kissing,and then they fondle each others large breasts and suck each others nipples. The girls start undressing each other and masturbate each. Then Frayda starts eating Duna’s pussy. Then Duna sits on Frayda’s face. Then Frayda sits back on the couch, and Duna finger fucks her while stroking her clitoris. Duna then inserts first one, then two, and finally three fingers into Frayda’s ass hole. The girls kiss again, and then Frayda finger fucks Duna. Frayda then inserts her finger into Duna’s ass. She then takes out a blue dildo and uses it in Duna’s ass. She then fingers and licks Duna’s ass hole, and then the girls kiss again.