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Anneli & Tania – Pillow Talk
Released: May 9, 2014

Anneli (purple lingerie) and Tania (black lingerie) are having a pillow fight on a white bed when one thing leads to another. They lie together and Tania comes onto Annilie, encouraging her to feel her breasts before kissing her. Tania then takes out Anneli’s breasts and licks and sucks her nipples. Anneli then returns the favor to Tania. The girls strip each other naked, and Anneli lies back and Tania masturbates her before diving in with her tongue and eating her pussy. She licks and sucks and finger fucks Anneli’s pussy until she comes. Anneli then finger fucks Tania from behind before turning her over and going down on her. She licks and fingers Tania to orgasm, and then the girls lie together, kissing passionately.