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Dani Daniels – Dani Daniels DE-FUCKING-STROYED!!!
Released: December 31, 2014

We know what a pain slut is around here, and Dani is one of the secret ones. What we are looking for is a model with desire and the integrity to handle the level of intensity that she is going to get. Dani is stretched out and her clothes ripped away. Her amazing body makes most men crumble at her feet, but this whore will not get any special treatment from me. She will suffer like all of the rest. I want to see her tears as she is overwhelmed by the experience, then to hear her voice ask for more. Her body fights against the ropes, but she quickly finds that she is helpless, and there is no escape. She surrenders to the fact that I will punish her as I see fit, and it will only stop when I feel she has had enough.