Chanell Heart – Black Whore Moan
Released: February 5, 2014

Ebony beauty, Chanell contacted me to say that she was interested in shooting for us. I jumped at the chance to get this slut in my ropes. She is hot as hell and has an amazing ass, and I wanted to see her suffer. First up, I cage this slut and then tie her to it. Out comes the electricity, and Chanell has the choice of a zapper or a cattle prod. Her feet fall victim the cattle prod and we get to her this slut scream. Next her elbows are bound together behind her back to display her flexibility. The rest of her body is put in a stress position and we get to see her sweat as she struggles to find comfort. Chanell is then suspended from a single point that displays her fan-fucking-tastic ass!! She is toyed with on the ground and bastinado is issued before she is pulled in the air and made to cum. In the last scene we see Chanell spread wide to expose her honey hole. I fill it instantly and make it orgasm uncontrollably. Does she regret signing up for this shoot…I doubt it, but she will not forget the hell she went through.