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Minnie Mayhem – Fitness Porno
Released: August 29, 2014

BBW dream Minnie Mayhem is making her super sized return to Plumper Pass today, and we know you couldn’t be more excited. Just check your pants. We took this hot sexy plumper to the park for a lovely afternoon of some fun and some sex. Everything anyone would want on a Friday afternoon. Man oh man does Minnie look super hot in those tight leggings and that top she’s wearing is making her tits bust out all over the place… Awesome right? Yeah we know. Minnie was shaking her shit up when our man Tony spotted her from afar causing his dick to get instantly hard. It’s only natural that he had to holler at her. Not before long these two are back at our place and Minnie’s tits are out. Woo Woo Woo!! Those bad boys are humongous, but man do we love ’em. After rubbing on her belly she pulls his dick out and deep throats it… pure ecstasy. Once the fucking starts watching Minnie ride his cock is enough to make your weekend an instant classic. Happy Friday.