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Jenna Lovely, Adel Sunshine & Nella Elmer – Choosing Their Orgasmatic Partner
Released: April 16, 2013

Adel Sunshine and Nella Elmer are two sick puppies, sexy and classy as hell but always having a few babes at their disposal, letting them in and out of their locker at their will! These two masked babes are feeling like some vibrator lesbo fun today, and they just need to decide who’s going to play with them! First they give Jenna Lovely a try, then Natali Brookx, but when they find tall blondie Blanche Bradburrry they know they’ve found their partner for today! This newcomer is a sex bomb, and she’s about to feel the full wrath of two vibrators buzzing up her pussy, clit, tits, and whatever Adel and Nella feel like doing to her! Choked, prodded, and buzzed to total satisfaction, these masked Orgasmatic freaks are proud of their work, and when they’ve brought Blanche over the top they shove her back in her locker like the piece of meat she is! However, these two babes aren’t done yet, so turned on by their double team session, that they vibrate themselves to orgasm and then make out, still with their masks on, very proud of what they’ve done!