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Ashley Woods & Dominica Phoenix – Never Fuck With A Girl’s Make-Up
Released: November 26, 2013

Ashley Woods should have known better than to snoop around in Dominica Phoenix’s make-up bag, because we all know that when you fuck with a girl’s stuff you better be prepared for the consequences! Sure enough, when Dominica catches Ashley in the act she’s not a happy chick, at least not until she’s able to put her in her place by squirting oil all over her blouse and then even spraying her down with hair coloring spray! Obviously Dominica ain’t stopping there, getting herself oiled up as well and then getting it on with Ashley, who quickly goes from intimidated to totally into it as the lesbo action gets harder and hotter! And you know it wouldn’t be an Orgasmatics scene without the super intense Magic Wand vibrator, which buzzes both of those oily pussies until these babes are squirming around on the floor until they can’t take anymore! Ashley may have been “put in her place”, but the climax she experienced is only going to make her fuck with a lot more make-up bags in the future!