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Siren – 55 year old MILF sex worker’s first porn
Released: April 25, 2014

I’ve never been to a brothel before, but they are legal in certain parts of Nevada. I’ve always had a curiosity about what type of women work there and what the whole experience is like. This sexually charged busty MILF works at one of these establishments. She gave us a little window into what its like to fuck a pro. She has worked as a stripper in Las Vegas, but she has never been in a porn video. You wouldn’t guess this woman is 55 years old by her performance in the bedroom. She’s got a lot of energy and really enjoys what she’s doing. This is the main video she did with Nick. He fucked her really good and at the end she stroked his cock until he came in her mouth. People always contact me wanting to hook up with the models of MomPov, but this is one woman I would say you guys got a solid chance with…If you happen to go to the right brothel in Nevada!!