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Rebecca – 43 year old MILF loves to suck cock
Released: July 15, 2013

I have to give this sexy 43 year old MILF a lot of props for her skills sucking cock. My friend found her and he seemed very confident that she was going to be a perfect candidate for MomPov. Of course, since he found her, I wanted to let him have fun with her too. This time we tried something a little different. Instead of tag teaming her, we each filmed our own separate POV video with her. Its a 2 part video and its extra long. I went first, she started to suck my cock, I was in awe at how good she was. I wanted to start fucking her but I couldn’t stop. She stroked and sucked me so good, I had to cum. She aimed my cock right into her mouth as I released, and she caught most of it. She gulped it right down, it was beautiful. After that, I left the room while my friend had his way with her. He gave her a really good pounding in all of the positions and he had her screaming pretty good. At the end she took his cum on her face.