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Felicity – E166
Released: August 28, 2013

Cougars get sweeter with age, like a fine wine. This woman is no exception. She says by 30 her sex drive had really intensified, but by the time she was 40, she felt as horny as a 18 year old guy. A high sex drive can influence a sexy cougar to do crazy things she never imagined doing in her younger years. Here she is at 44 years old doing her very first adult video ever. In the world of cougar/MILF porn, this lady is a perfect specimen. Nick was in the drivers seat on this one. He did a good job fucking her brains out, but had somewhat of a slip up mid shoot. This shit isn’t easy. Holding back from cumming is almost impossible sometimes. Especially when you have a hot cougar climaxing all over your cock. This is reality porn, and you get to see what really happens. Overall its a good video, I find this woman very sexy. I think I might bring her back for bonus video so I can give her a proper facial.