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Dani – 40 year old big tit sexy slutty MILF
Released: August 1, 2013

Personally, I love an openly “slutty” MILF. And there’s nothing wrong with being a little slutty. Too many women are scared to be labeled that way…but this one is definitely not. She is a true life cougar who hunts down younger shy guys at the bar. She says she even goes in prepared with a hotel room nearby she can take them back to. If they cum too quick she kicks them out and goes back to the bar for seconds. This is the last of the 2 part series with my new producer Nick, he got the majority of the time with this woman. I told her that she has to do an audition with me first to make sure she qualifies for the full shoot. So, I had my way with her first. I fully utilized those huge tits of hers. Considering a long time member of MomPov who loves titty fucking/titty fucking cumshots, I honored his request. I fucked her tits and gave her a pearl necklace. Then Nick had his fun. Overall I think this is a good shoot, what do you guys think?