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Alison – 35 year old pretty woman does first porn
Released: December 20, 2013

This 35 year old is a dime in my book. I wouldn’t call her a MILF, plain and simple this woman is a BABE! She looks like a model…not a porn model…a model you’d see in a catalog or a magazine. She’s never been in an adult video before so we were happy to have her. Besides her beautiful looks, she has a really cool personality. She seems like the type of girl that would be down to grab a beer and watch a football game. The type that is ‘one of the guys’ except not a guy and super fucking hot. She performed well for a first timer, you can tell she genuinely wanted to do a good job and please the viewers. Before I even had a chance to write this I have already received good feedback about this woman. Hope you guys enjoy!