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Tracy & Martina – Tracy on Martina
Released: March 23, 2014

Marina laid face down on the table as Tracy worked away at her athletic body with her massage pads, rubbing away any aches and pains and leaving her feeling relaxed and content. Focused attention was then applied to Marina’s sexy pert bum easing oil into every pore of her silky white skin whilst slowly stretching her cheeks open to a have a cheeky glimpse at her shaven hole which, just sat there looking back at Tracy and urging her to oil it up and slip some fingers in it. However Tracy resisted and instead used her feet to work deeper into Marina’s bum cheeks; rubbing her sexy soles all over her oiled up bottom. Tracy gently started to rub her pussy with her toes slipping her toe into Marina’s pussy moving her foot back and forth as she penetrated her with it. Tracy became so horny as she felt the inside of Marina’s soft pussy that she slid towards her, pouring oil all over her leggings making them translucent showing off her hairless pussy which she began to rub. Tracy’s pussy becoming sodden beneath her leggings she pushes it up against Marina’s bum cheeks causing herself to cum as the friction increased. From that moment on these two beautiful girls went back and forth pleasuring each other in various positions until both were gasping for air, they recovered from their intense orgasms and kissed the rest of their time together away.