Maya Hill – The Rebound
Released: March 6, 2013

Bradley comes in for a massage when his relationship with his girlfriend goes sour. He got her a gift certificate to use but jacks it and uses it for himself. Maya’s eyes literally pop when she sees how much he spent on her, so you know she’s going to give him the massage of his life. Maya likes the big spenders and always goes out of her way to make them happy. Today this includes starting out the massage in her panties. Her big tits look beautiful in her lace bra and her ass is popping. It doesn’t take long for Maya to turn her client over and take her bra off, exposing her amazing tits. Not one to waste time, Maya is on top of her client eight minutes into the session. She works her body up and down his, letting him explore her every curve. She knows exactly what to do with his hard cock as she works it with her warm mouth. Maya sucks him slow, allowing him to feel how soft her lips are. After an intense 69, Maya sucks hard and fast, letting Bradley cum on her tits for the finale.