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Cast: Tess, Victoria Sweet, Jasmina, Carmen, Eufrat Mai, Leila Smith, Kari, Pinky June, Tracy

Capturing The Essence Of Sensuality

Blonde Beauties – Grace Hartley & Jasmina

Grace and Jasmina are getting ready for a night out, but gentle caresses and kisses change their plans to a night of passion. They shed their clothes and exchange eager passionate kisses meant to ignite pleasure.

Lick – Evfrat Mai & Leila Smith

Joining her lover Leila, Evfrat runs her fingers through her long brown hair and contemplates the beauty before her. Joining her lover on the bed, Evfrat pulls Leila close and gives her a lingering kiss causing passions to explode.

Satisfied Emotions – Victoria Sweet & Kari

Victoria slips Kari’s top down, exposing her upturned breasts and licks and sucks her lover’s hard nipples. This leads to passionate petting, oral explorations and the two women eagerly bringing each other to the heights of ecstasy!

The Break Up – Tess & Tracy

A bad fight leads Tess and Tracy to the verge of breaking up, but these two hotheads decide that their disagreement can be resolved with passionate, sexual negotiations. They take turns pleasing one another putting their intense emotions to good use.

Wet Anticipation – Jenny Delugo & Jasmina

Jenny explores her body during a sensual bath. After her bath, she finds her sexual desires have not been satisfied, and is pleased and eager when Jasmina joins her. Still heated from the bath water, Jenny’s temperature continues to rise.