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Zara J & Eufrat – Helpless
Released: December 2, 2013

Eufrat and Zara kiss for the first time and there is a fantastic buzz in the air, a kind of nervous energy vibrates between them as they finally taste each other. Eufrat lays down on Zara and almost immediately the energy jumps to higher level as the kissing becomes more passionate and Eufrat pushes her body down on Zara, grinding her crotch on her thigh. Eufrat pulls out one of the redhead’s pert little boobs to suck on and we catch a glimpse of Zara’s great posture, her arched back and plump bottom sticking out, crying out to fucked hard. Soon Zara takes the lead and is pushing herself down on Eufrat, kissing her passionately and groping her plump boobs. She sits up so Eufrat can slip a hand inside her shorts as they continue to kiss with great intimacy. Eufrat slides her fingers deep inside Zara’s tight pussy, finger fucking her from behind to an intense orgasm and Zara returns the favour wrapping herself around Eufrat from behind.