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Ria & Denisa – You Need To Know
Released: April 25, 2014

Ria slowly but surely has her way with Denisa, working her with big kisses, wrapping her big fat lips around her mouth and laying them on her chin. She encourages the reserved Denisa to give her some attention by allowing her to lay on top and grind her own pussy on her thigh. When Ria rolls over on top of Denisa we see an amazing angle of Ria’s magnificent ass, which her panties probably slide up the middle of within seconds of putting them on. She squeezes and sucks on Denisa’s big boobs and Denisa begins to get warmed up, soon she moves on top of Ria so she can finger her before chewing on her tight little pussy. Ria takes a long time to explore Denisa’s pussy which is now so soft and wet after all the excitement Ria has no trouble sliding her fingers very deep inside.