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Rene & Zuzana – Saturday
Released: July 10, 2013

Two bored housewives who often find themselves meeting up for a little weekend fun, it’s their little indulgence and it keeps them smiling. Zuzana is the instigator as usual, kissing Rene passionately and squeezing her arse, pushing herself on top of her lover. The women roll around, their limbs entwined, hair twisting every which way, they are so close as they hump each other and squeeze their bodies together. Rene sits on Zuzana’s lap, much to Zuzana’s pleasure, her legs cling to her, wrapped around her hips and she really feels like she is in control of this woman. Zuzana now sets up camp at Rene’s sweet opening, locking her mouth on tight and preparing for the storm to come, one which she will create. When she can feel Rene’s juices begin to come forth she slides a finger inside so she can also stimulate her G-spot, Rene squirming away at the overwhelming sensations and left breathless. Rene then eats Zuzana hungrily, we can hear all the sounds of her chomping and slurping trying to catch just enough breath in-between to maintain her pace. She fingers very deeply and licks powerfully on her clit before the girls have fun with some face sitting and into a 69, giggling all the while.