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Lucia & Rene – I Want You
Released: July 19, 2013

This very raunchy scene is full of passion and the girls over eagerness to get inside each other’s pants and feel an orgasmic sensation. It begins with plenty of kissing and sliding hands in between each other’s legs. Lucia is so horny at the sight of Rene reclined; her spread legs covered with a short skirt, hinting at the open pussy beneath waiting to be penetrated and it drives Lucia wild. She immediately begins to rub on top of the skirt. After some more heated kissing Lucia grabs a firm hold of Rene’s bum and pulls her crotch on to her thigh where she can take control and rub Rene’s quickly moistening pussy back and forth, up and down her leg. Rene immediately responds and grinds away herself. Lucia adjusts herself so they can trib their pussies together, expressing their matched level of arousal. Rene rolls on top of Lucia, pushing down on her, the girls are really letting the sensations take over them. Lucia gropes Rene’s bum and pulls her closer in before allowing Rene to finally go down on her, burying her face in-between her legs, pulling her panties aside to lap at and bury her face in her wet pussy. Lucia spoons Rene, so she can rub her pussy from behind and feel the form of Rene’s body against herself before eating her from below. This climaxes with a fantastic moment when Lucia lingers on Rene’s pussy after she has climaxed, allowing her tongue to slowly and gently collect the nectar that has been secreted by Rene in her moment of ecstasy.