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Holly & Eufrat – How We Feel
Released: December 16, 2013

The bed frame creaks as Eufrat straddles Holly, kissing her way up her back, shoulders, neck before slipping her tongue inside her mouth and French kissing her slowly and sensually. Eufrat continues to worship Holly’s body, lavishing her neck, belly and legs with delicate kisses inbetween the tongue sharing and Holly tilts her head back, eyes closed in bliss. When the girls sit and face each other we see their incredible form, particularly how both are so generously endowed in the chest area and when they squeeze together as they kiss it’s a sandwich that anyone would want to be the meat in. Eufrat loves having two handfuls to play with and she spends an indulgent amount of time licking and sucking on Holly’s stiff nipples as the fatty tissue spreads out perfectly evenly beneath. When naked, Eufrat spreads her legs invitingly for Holly, revealing a clean shaved pussy which is begging to have a mouth clamped on it and a tongue buried inside. Holly quickly obliges, eating and fingering her partner until she snatches at the pillows in ecstasy.