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Gina & Holly – Beautiful Thing
Released: November 8, 2013

The girls’ skin glows as they kiss and gaze into each other’s eyes. They look sensational as natural sunlight floods the room and they come close, Gina sitting on Holly’s lap allowing her to slip a hand inside her panties and lubricate her awakening vagina. Gina spends some time dedicated to Holly’s amazing body, bowing down and worshiping at the altar of her enormous breasts, she squeezes and sucks on them before pulling aside her panties, licking and sucking. Having her pussy sucked on like this really gets Holly’s juices flowing and sends her wild with lust, she grabs Gina to kiss her passionately before accepting her fingers deep inside her wetness, her puffy labia yielding. Holly needs no persuading to lavish Gina with similar attention and she spends masses of time and effort to make sure Gina is left fully satisfied when she orgasms.