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Eufrat & Zuzana – For No One
Released: April 2, 2014

The scene opens with the women showcasing their expert kissing skills, sensual, slow, and with feeling. Their bodies slowly rock back and forth in unison with the momentum of the deep kisses they share as Zuzana rubs over Eufrat’s panties, pushing hard on them and letting her fingers slip inside Eufrat’s labia. They lay down, Zuzana on top as they rub and grind on each other, Eufrat squeezing Zuzana’s deliciously plump bottom through her lacy panties before they switch and Eufrat sits up on Zuzana’s thigh so she can rub her pussy on it. When the time comes, Zuzana savours the moment as she locks her mouth down on Eufrat’s clam, about to work some magic with her tongue after which she invites Eufrat to taste her own juices. Eufrat enjoys licking and kissing Zuzana’s neck, signs of the true love and affection between the two and then it is finally time to pull aside Zuzana’s panties and reveal her wonderful bush which Eufrat buries her tongue in before pushing her fingers deep inside, making Zuzana squirm at the orgasmic sensations. There is even some bonus tribbing at the end of this great scene, the girls pulling themselves as close together as they can possibly get.