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Eufrat & Eve Angel – Sweet Caress
Released: March 14, 2014

This is a special scene for us, and for their own reasons a special scene for Eufrat and Eve. Eve is a wonderful woman who we have worked with extensively in the past but not for some time, Eufrat on the other hand has been an almost constant professional presence. But the understanding that Eve has both with us and other girls has not faded at all, in fact as she has matured it has probably become stronger and more familiar to the point of intuition. Eufrat has shown time and time again that she has the X factor when it come to making lesbian love, she enjoys her time with the other girls like no one else and she is able to make every one of them feel adored in a unique way. Get the two together and you are in for a treat. They share big fat kisses, how it should be done, their mouths are locked together and their tongues are doing a slow dance inside. Eve laying on top of Eufrat lets gravity take control and rests her full weight on Eufrat who lovingly welcomes it. They impulsively roll over and in a great moment of intimate improvisation Eve licks Eufrat’s fingers which are intertwined with her own. After she climaxes and the women share some more deep kisses Eufrat pounces on Eve, she has been desperate to get her teeth into her and make her cum. The delight in her eyes is obvious as Eve rolls over and Eufrat prepares to lick her deliciously plump bottom. Eufrat knows Eve loves her clit to be licked delicately at first, before feeling a tongue buried deep in her vagina.