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Charlotta – Behind The Scenes, Interview with Ivy
Released: December 3, 2013

So many people have told us how great it is when they hear our beautiful women speak on camera… and since we like to please our members, we decided to go all out and interview them for a “Behind the Scenes” series. Our first gorgeous gal to be interviewed is the lovely, curvaceous Ivy, in her own words. In this behind-the-scenes interview, Ivy talks about what she likes, and doesn’t like, from a man, and a woman… with examples in action. No point in just hearing about it right? We see ivy in the positions she likes with the people she likes. She’s pretty shy when it comes to speaking about what she likes – which is a whole other level of sexy – but when she’s doing what she likes, she’s not shy at all. We like that. If you like hearing and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, this vid is for you. Enjoy!