Lucy Heart – Lucy Queen of Hearts!
Released: April 1, 2013

This week we have yet another gorgeous, beautifully dressed babe arriving for a jimslip casting. Yes, they all want a chance to plunge head first into the abyss and splash around in the bubbling quagmire of filth, that is porn! Lucy is a 21 year old medical student and as you can see is very sexy indeed, so I put her through her paces and found to my delight that she had on underneath her dress a pair of the flimsiest, pink sheer knickers I have ever seen, they were slightly voluminous, but as sheer as if a thousand silk worms had got together and wove the material deliberately to entertain men! I wouldn’t say I was a “knicker man” normally, but I was certainly impressed by these. Anyway, as members will see, Lucy performed wonderfully at her casting and wasted no time in tearing open my trousers and stuffing my dick into her mouth! No…